Booker's Brain

Multi-platform Series

Suffering from Locked-In Syndrome after a tragic accident, Booker Roarke, with the help of his devoted girlfriend, uses an experimental interface to escape his physical limitations and tap his consciousness into the internet. This new-found mobility soon ascends into unmatched freedom as he explores the vast reaches of pervasive computing, social media, and the world wide web. In a wi-fi world where everyone and everything is "connected" with ubiquitous smart devices, Booker comes to realize the true and chilling power of the 21st century tech we have in our pockets.

Inspired by real science and events, Booker’s Brain is a thrilling and thought-provoking exploration of emerging technology, the scope and scale of social media, and the innate risks of digital privacy in the information age. Mixing the classic suspense and claustrophobia of Rear Window with the thrills of Michael Crichton, Booker taps into our fears about the pervasive and often invasive reach of technology, and explores the fascinating implications of a "connected" society powerless to protect itself from those few granted access behind the curtain of code.

  • Created by Steve Peters and developed in partnership with Joe LeFavi at Quixotic Transmedia, NMM has designed Booker as a truly cross-platform experience. This property will offer a global audience new ways to connect and interact with fictional characters and events. Booker’s Brain will incorporate innovative platforms as dynamic storytelling tools, challenge traditional business models, and ultimately set the bar for transmedia narrative design for years to come.

    • Audience: Young/Adult (M/F 16-34)
    • Sci-Fi Thriller
    • Episodic Procedural
    • 7 minute episodes
    • First season 13 episodes
    • Real-time extensions and interactive content in between episodes
    • Real-world immersion that blurs the line between reality and fiction
    • Branded entertainment and product integration opportunities galore
  • Coming Soon.