After the success of The Threshold, Cisco again turned to transmedia as a way to entertain and foster connections among the members of its 19,000-strong Global Sales Force. The Hunt was a thriller that took place in locations around the world, and Cisco employees from six continents participated. Players again cracked codes and found documents, but they also contributed content, found a clue in a park in Norway, and interacted across social media in story that played out in real-time. Set in the world of Cisco and highlighting Cisco technology, The Hunt explored new ways to get people to form cross-discipline connections and use newly developed technologies.

  • Experience: 2 weeks
  • Audience: Cisco Global Sales Force
  • Participation: Nearly 9,000 players (50% of potential audience)
  • Global: Over 40,000 views of in-experience Wiki
  • Time Spent: Over 10 minutes per day