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Outliers follows 20-somethings, Kat, Josh and Cameron, as they investigate paranormal mysteries submitted to them via their real world blog, StrangeNet.

Kat, Josh, and Cameron explore paranormal mysteries that Josh uncovers through his cult video-podcast, StrangeNet. Sometimes aided, sometimes hindered by a shadowy government agency, the trio's secret weapon is the vast hivemind of the internet. Set in the world of online dating, conspiracy theories, hookups, mash-ups, and hackers, Outliers is fast paced, scary and compelling. Each week sees the team investigating a stand alone paranormal mystery as they juggle their complicated love lives. Think Fringe for 20 and 30 somethings.

    • Female/Male, Ages 18-24
    • Open-ended procedural
    • 44 minute episodes
    • First season 13 episodes
    • Companion websites and app content
  • Coming Soon.