A transmedia prequel to A&E's miniseries adaptation of Stephen King's #1 best-seller, Bag of Bones. A&E wanted a smart, slick — and scary — experience that would whet the appetites of casual viewers and longtime Stephen King fans. Embracing the "lo-fi" verve of Bag of Bones' rural setting, Dark Score Stories used timeless storytelling media such as black-and-white photojournalism, NPR-style audio interviews and journal-like writings from a fictional photographer — all documenting the fictional community of Dark Score Lake ... and hinting at its bloody history.

At its heart, Bag of Bones is a ghost story. So is Dark Score Stories. Several of the documentary-style photos seen in the campaign were "haunted," featuring subtle, unsettling animations from their subjects (many of whom appear in the miniseries). These creepy blink-and-you'll-miss-it moments sparked enthusiastic online conversation and coverage by The Los Angeles Times, Fast Company, Entertainment Weekly and others.

  • In addition, more than 150 "Stephen King universe" props were hidden in the photos to delight the King faithful. These literary easter eggs — which referenced dozens of the author's novels, stories and stories — sparked collaborative scavenger hunts from dedicated fans. No other campaign had catered King's superfans in this way ... and the fans loved it.

  • J.C. was Dark Score Stories' writer; he also contributed to its experience design. He helped create the arc of the prequel, wrote all essays and audio scripts, conceived more than 100 "King universe" props, and directed actors such as Pierce Brosnan in on-set voiceover recordings.