The Threshold alternate reality game was an interactive spy drama featuring the employees of networking giant Cisco as both the characters and the audience. As the first game of its kind for a Fortune 500 company, The Threshold took 19,000 members of Cisco's international sales force on an expansive adventure that entertained, educated, and brought them together as a team to solve creative challenges. Players cracked codes, found documents and websites, and uncovered over thirty different pieces of streaming content. Players were captivated by the story remaining fully engaged for four weeks until they solved the mystery of . . . the Threshold.

  • Experience: 3 weeks
  • Audience: Cisco Sales Force, 89% male but with active female audience
  • Participation: 13,000 participated (nearly 70% of total audience)
  • Views: Over 40,000 views of in-experience Wiki
  • Posts: Over 1,300 posts in in-experience Forum
  • Kudos: Biggest corporate experience of its kind